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Amino Acid Chelated Minerals

Amino Acid Chelated Minerals

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Zinc Amino Acid Chelate Powder

AppearanceLight yellow powder
Solubility100% Water Soluble
Amino acid>25%
Organic Zinc>10%

HUMICO Zinc Amino Acid Chelateserves as an organic fertilizer abundant in crucial mineral elements.
Zinc plays a pivotal role as a key component and activator for a myriad of enzymes, with over 80 zinc-dependent enzymes recognized for their participation in the synthesis of growth factors.
Plants primarily manifest signs of zinc deficiency in older tissues when the concentration of growth hormones decline. Such a deficiency impedes plant development, leading to shortened internodes and restrained growth of leaf blades. The leaves often clump together, a state known as leaflet or cluster leaf disease. In the case of zinc-deprived corn plants, they may exhibit white streak syndrome.
The use of zinc effectively forestalls and alleviates physiological disorders triggered by zinc deficiency. It mitigates problems such as subpar fruit coloration, yield reductions, fruit shedding, stunted root growth, restricted plant development, and maize shoot bleaching.

BENEFITS of Zinc Amino Acid Chelate

Zinc hastens the chlorophyll formation process and fortifies photosynthesis.
It aids in the creation of indoleacetic acid and other auxins.
It causes an increase in the RNA content of plants, stimulating their growth and development.

APPLICATION of Zinc Amino Acid Chelate

Application and Dosage Instructions:
Spray application: Use 1-2KG/ha, diluted 800-1200 times.
Drip irrigation: Use 3-5KG/ha, diluted 200-300 times.
Base fertilizer: Use 10-15KG/ha.

FAQ of Zinc Amino Acid Chelate

1. How do you maintain quality control?
We place immense value on the quality of our products. To ensure this, our quality control team is deeply involved at every stage of the production process. Each batch of our product undergoes rigorous testing, including HPLC, before dispatch. Additionally, pre-shipment inspections by SGS or PONY are conducted to guarantee the quality of our products.

2. Do you offer samples?
Absolutely, we are happy to provide samples upon request. Once we receive your inquiry, we will promptly arrange to send samples to you.

3. What are the payment terms?
Typically, our payment terms are 30% TT in advance, with the remaining 70% TT against the BL copy. We also accept LC at sight.

4. How can I track my shipment after payment?
Rest assured, we will keep you updated on your shipment. Details including packing, tracking number, loading photos, and shipping documents will be sent to your email promptly.

5. What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
Our standard MOQ is 1 kilogram.

6. Can you customize our bags or print our logo on them?
Absolutely, we welcome and accept OEM requests!

7. How long does delivery take?
Our general delivery timeframe is 7-10 days, assuming we have the product in stock. If not, it may take between 10-15 days to arrange shipping.

8. Are you trading company or manufacturer?
We are manufacture. Our manufacturing facility is nestled in the scenic landscapes of the Ningxia Autonomous Region. With an annual production capacity of 21,000 tons, we cordially invite you to visit our factory.

PACKAGE of Zinc Amino Acid Chelate

1KG/BAG, 5KGS/BAG, 10KGS/BAG, 25KGS/Kraft Paper Bag, or customized packing is available. More package information to check:Youtube Video

1: 25KG/50KG/ color pp bags or kraft paper bags




2: 500G/1KG/ Foil bags in cartons




3: 25KG/50KG/1000KG white bags





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