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Functions of Bio Fulvic Acid (II): Its Applications in Soil Improvement

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1. Changing the granular structure of soil mass
Bio fulvic acid contains a large number of functional groups, which act on the soil particles to form agglomerates of different sizes and stable structure. Its molecular exchange capacity is between 400-600me/100g, whereas the ion exchange capacity of common soil is only between 10-20me/100g. That is to say, after bio fulvic acid is applied to soil, its surface activity can absorb and exchange the applied fertilizer, and at the same time, activate the fertilizer solidified by the soil, namely turning the solidified fertilizer into fertilizer that can be absorbed and absorbed by the crop, thereby improving nutrient utilization of crops, which is one of bio fulvic acid’s major advantages when compared with common compound fertilizers.

2. Serving as food of microorganisms in soil
In the soil where bio fulvic acid is applied and thus forms agglomerate structure, the activity of microorganisms is strong with a high biological activity and sufficient nutrient supply. The preservation and supply of soil nutrients can be better coordinated and thereby soil fertility is improved; The effective nutrients that have been solidified by the soil is released and absorbed by the crop.

3. Restoring soil polluted by heavy metals.
Bio fulvic acid complexes heavy metals. It can turn hexavalent chromium (chrom 6, toxic) to trivalent chromium (chrom 3, non-toxic) after  passivation. The soil that has been systematically treated can be used for planting in the same year. If a right amount of bio fulvic acid is used, the crops planted are more ecological, with a better yield.

4. Adjusting and balancing pH value of soil
Mineral potassium fulvate has a two-way effect on soil regulation. That is to say, it is capable of adjusting the soil to a pH value suitable for crop growth, no matter whether the soil is acidic or alkaline. In addition, mineral potassium fulvate is also effective in eliminating soil compaction.

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