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Significant Effects of Chitosan on Crops

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1. Promoting seed germination

HUMICO chitosan plays a significant role in enhancing the germination of various crops. The germination index and vigor index of ryegrass seeds treated with HUMICO chitosan increase by 32.64% and 60.47% respectively, compared with a control group which has not not applied with HUMICO chitosan. The promotion effect was related to the promotion of α-amylase activity in seed endosperm.

2.Promoting root growth

After being applied with HUMICO chitosan, plant root systems are remarkably improved and the number of hairy roots and fibrous roots increase. HUMICO chitosan not only facilitates the growth of above-ground parts of plants, but also improves crops’ tolerance and resistance to some short-term adverse environmental factors such as drought, low temperature and early frost. And HUMICO chitosan also enhances crops’ resistance to soil-borne diseases like nematodes.

3.Promoting the growth of stems, leaves and fruits

HUMICO chitosan enhances photosynthesis of various plants and improve their photosynthetic rate and efficiency. For example, with the aid of HUMICO chitosan solution, the chlorophyll and soluble protein content of ryegrass seedlings significantly rise. As a result, the plants generally are characterized with thick stem nodes, fat leaves, bright color, vigorous growth, etc. After the use of HUMICO chitosan, the fruit-setting rate of vegetables (like eggplant) and fruit trees generally increase. And the fruit weight also rises.

4.Accelerating plant growth and development, improve crop quality, increase yield and income

HUMICO chitosan accelerates various crops’ growth as well as their flowering and maturity. For example, the effects of HUMICO chitosan on cucumber plants, sprayed on the foliage, Spray HUMICO chitosan solution on cucumber seedlings with 3-4 leaves every other week. Repeat it three times. The treated plants grew significantly better than the control group without the aid from HUMICO chitosan; their fruit harvesting period was 3-5 days earlier than that of the control group; and the yield was also significantly higher than that of the control group. The yield increase of oil-seed rapes treated with HUMICO chitosan range from 4.33% to 9.67%.

5.Enhancing disease resistance

HUMICO chitosan has an obvious effect in enhancing crops’ resistance to a variety of  diseases.

6. Broad-spectrum fungal inhibition

HUMICO chitosan has inhibitory effect on the growth of fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms. HUMICO chitosan can inhibit the growth of many plant pathogens, and has good inhibition activity against Fusarium anthracis, Fusarium species, Fusarium striatum and Fusarium mycorrhizae. A concentration of 0.4g L-1 can completely inhibit the germination of spores of Pseudoperonospora cubensis and Puccinia striiformis.

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