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Stimulatory Effect of Potassium Humate on Crops

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1.Promoting the Activation of Enzymes
With a variety of active functional groups, potassium humate can enhance the activity of catalase and polyphenol oxidase in crops, stimulate crops’physiological metabolism and promote their growth. For example, potassium humate can promote early germination of seeds.And the emergence rate is high, especially at low temperatures.

2.PromotingPlant Respiration & Growth
Potassium humate can stimulate the division and growth of the meristematic cells in plants’ root system, making the seedlings grow roots quickly, with  increased root numbers, volume and elongation.

3.Promoting the Absorption of Nutrients by Crops
Potassium humate can promote the robustness of rhizomes, thereby increasing the ability of crops to absorb water and nutrients. Therefore, their nutrient supply is sufficient and their photosynthesis is enhanced.The transfer of nutrients to the fruit body is accelerated; and the crop yield and quality are improved.

4.PromotingEarly Seed Germination & High Seedling Emergence Rate
Potassium humate can promote the water absorption and swelling of seeds, enhance the conversion of substances and energy inside them, accelerate their germination, and improve their germination rate, especially in early spring and at low temperatures.

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