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The Differences Between Potassium Humate & Potassium Fulvate

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Potassium fulvate is similar to potassium humate.
The only difference between them is that the raw material used to produce potassium fulvate is rich in fulvic acid.
The water-soluble humic acid in potassium humate has a polymer structure.
Its good chelating property causes the humic acid to slowly form a flocculating substance when it encounters such metal ions as calcium or magnesium in water, and finally forms a precipitate.
The water used in agriculture, generally well water, river water and lake water, are mostly hard water, containing a large amount of high-valent metal ions.
This will inevitably reduce fertilizer efficiency.

Having better activity and a smaller molecular chain, fulvic acid in potassium fulvic acid can be dissolved in acid, water as well as alkali solution and can maintain a state of stability.
No precipitation, no flocculation, no delamination.
According to our test, potassium fulvate can maintain a stable state in a solution of pH 2-14.

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