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The Effect of Potassium Humate on Soil Improvement

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1.Promote the formation of soil aggregates
In general, the application of organic fertilizers to the soil can improve the soil structure, principally through the slow transformation of soil microorganisms.And potassium humate can accelerate this transformation process.

2.Regulation water, fertilizer, gas and heat conditions in the soil
When the granular structure of the soil becomes better, its bulk density decreases while its porosity increases, giving the soila good permeability. The color of potassium humate fertilizer is dark, which is conducive to the absorption of solar heat. When decomposed by microorganisms, the heat is then released. Thus potassium humate can increase the soil temperature and plays a role in resisting cold weather in early spring, when crop are just seedling.

3. Transform barren soil and saline-alkali land
Long-term application of potassium humate fertilizer will fundamentally transform the barren soil into fertile land. In South China, remarkable improvements have been achieved on the red soil there, which used to be described as “acid, barren, caked and dry”, via the use of potassium humate fertilizer. Since the alkalinity of potassium humate can neutralize the acid in acidic soil, potassium humate balances the pH value of the soil to achieve the effect of acid control.

4. Promote the activity of soil microorganisms
After the application of potassium humate fertilizer in the soil, the activity of microorganisms in the soil has been enhanced. The number of free-living diazotrophs remarkably rises, which significantly increases the content of nitrate and enriches the nitrogen nutrition of the soil, thereby improving the nutritional status in the root systems of various crops.

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