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The higher The pH value of potassium humate and sodium humate is, the more complete the reaction is and the better the product is. Is it true?

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To some extent, the stronger the alkalinity is, the more complete the reaction is. But it does not mean that the tested product is good. Humic acid contains such weak-acid groups as carboxyl groups, hydroxyl groups, phenolic hydroxyl groups, and the like. Under weak alkaline conditions, carboxyl groups react first; under strong alkaline conditions, hydroxyl groups and phenolic hydroxyl groups react to form humates.

Please check the following formulas for reference:


According to the chemical reaction of humic acid and alkali, when the carboxy groups and hydroxyl groups in humic acid react, the product we get can fully meet our requirements (the common pH value in common standards is between 9-11). There is no need to put all the acidic groups to reaction, thus to avoid the unnecessary waste of alkali. If the process conditions of the manufacturer are good, finished product with a pH value between 8 and 9 is highly recommended. In addition, high alkalinity has no direct benefits and advantages for the product. The author of this article has tested the humic acid of a manufacturer in Wuhai, Inner Mongolia, China, it has a pH value of 12.5. The manufacturer said that the price of his humic acid is high because its production costs are high. After a discussion between us, the production costs were reduce and meanwhile the product quality and profit were improved.

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