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Unlocking Superior Fruit Quality and Yield: How Super Potassium Humate and Organic Seaweed Fertilizers Revolutionize Winter Jujube and Apple Cultivation

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Case Study 1: Enhancing Photosynthesis and Sugar Content in Winter Jujube

Location: Weinan City, Shaanxi Province

Products and Methods Used:
Super Potassium Humate Liquid at 2L per acre and Seaweed Extract Powder at 2kg per acre were applied through drenching.



● Strong Photosynthetic Performance: The winter jujube trees showed enhanced photosynthetic capabilities.

● Rapid Color Transition: The fruits transitioned from green to their mature color more quickly.

● Increased Sugar Content: The sugar levels in the winter jujube fruits were noticeably higher.

● Early Market Entry: The improved quality allowed for the fruits to be marketed earlier than usual.


Leaf Chlorophyll Content:

In a study comparing the effects of different treatments on leaf chlorophyll content, the results were as follows:

● Control Group: The chlorophyll content measured 2.3 SPAD units.

● Treatment Group: The chlorophyll content significantly increased to 5.1 SPAD units.

Percentage Increase:

The treatment group showed a remarkable 121.7% increase in leaf chlorophyll content compared to the control group.


Such a significant increase in chlorophyll content suggests that the treatment was highly effective in enhancing the plant's photosynthetic capacity. This could lead to improved plant health, increased 

yield, and potentially higher resistance to environmental stressors.
By incorporating this data into your fertilization management plan, particularly if using specialized products like potassium humate fertilizer or Organic Seaweed Fertilizer, you can make more informed decisions that could lead to better overall plant health and productivity.


The use of Super Potassium Humate Liquid and Seaweed Extract Powder in winter jujube cultivation in Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, led to significant improvements in photosynthetic performance, color transition, sugar content, and market readiness. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of these products in enhancing both the quality and marketability of winter jujube fruits.

Case Study 2: Enhancing Resilience and Quality in Apples


Linfen City, Shanxi Province

Products and Methods Used:

Super Potassium Humate Liquid organic fertilizer, applied through foliar spraying.



●  Consistent Bag Removal Time for Fuji Apples: The time to remove the protective bags was consistent across all trees.

● Clean Fruit Surface: The apples had a uniformly clean surface.

● Effective Prevention of Bitter Pit Disease: The calcium effectively prevented the occurrence of bitter pit disease caused by calcium deficiency.

● Improved Internal and External Quality: The quality of the apples was significantly improved, increasing their market value.

Autumn Base Fertilization:
Base fertilization in autumn is generally carried out immediately after harvesting and cleaning the orchard, accounting for about 60% of the annual fertilization. Organic fertilizers are primarily used, supplemented by chemical fertilizers. The approach combines soil improvement with nutrient supply, and slow-release with fast-acting fertilizers.
In autumn, the soil temperature is relatively high, and moisture conditions are favorable, promoting soil microbial activity. The applied organic fertilizers decompose quickly and are easily absorbed by the root system, increasing the tree's nutrient reserves and laying the foundation for increased yield and income in the following year.

The use of Super Potassium Humate Liquid and the recommended base fertilizer nutrition package in apple cultivation in Linfen City, Shanxi Province, led to significant improvements in fruit quality, disease resistance, and market value. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of these products and methods in enhancing the resilience and quality of apple trees.

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