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What are the main aspects of potassium humate foliar fertilizer as a good additive for pesticides?

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Composed of complex organic matters, the molecule of potassium humate contains many hydrophilic and oelophilic groupsand has the function of surfactant. When mixed with pesticides, it can effectively exert its good dispersion and emulsification effects, so as to improve the activity and efficacyof insecticides.

1. With a large specific surface area, potassium humate has a strong adsorption effect on both organic and inorganic substances. When combined with pesticides, it will form some ligands, so as to achieve a slow-release effecton the insecticides.

2. With amino groups and S-groups in its molecular functional groups contain, potassium humate foliar fertilizer, when mixed with pesticides, can reduce the toxic effects of pesticides on humans and animals, thereby improving the safety of pesticides to a certain extent.

3. With solubilizing and synergistic effects on pesticides, potassium humate can reduce the use of pesticides to a certain extent, thereby reducing the transmission of pesticides in the food chain and their residues in the environment.

4. Potassium humate also contributes to the degradation of residual pesticides in the soil, because humic acids (including potassium humate) promote the reproduction of microorganisms in the soiland these microorganisms can effectively degrade the pesticideresidues in the soil.Thus it can effectively reduce the pollution of residual pesticides to the environment as well as the transmission of pesticide along the food chain, thereby reducing the accumulation of pesticides in animals and plants. In addition, humic acids themselves have functions similar to pesticides. Studies have shown that after the application of humic acid foliar fertilizer, the incidence of pepper bacterial wilt, peanut rustand fruit decay rate are significantly reduced.

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