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What is potassium humate fertilizer

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Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are referred to as “three elements of fertilizer.  Here we focus on the Potassium fertilizer. Common potash fertilizer include Potassium sulfate, Potassium chloride, and Potassium humate, we also called K-humate, Kali humate.
Potassium chloride is a chemically neutral, physiologically acidic, quick-acting potash, basically can’t adjust the PH of soil. Crop like sweet potatoes, sugar beets, tobacco should not be used due to the chloride in it. Its can use as base fertilizer or top dressing fertilizer, but not for seed fertilizer. It is not recommend to use in long term since chloride is bad for the soil also the crops.
Potassium sulfate is Physiological acid salt, non-chlorine potassium fertilizer containing sulfur. Its not suitable for acidic soil since excess sulfate makes the soil more acidic. But it is welcome by the Tobacco, tea tree, grape, sugar cane, beet, watermelon.
Potassium humate is a high-efficiency organic potash because humic acid is a bioactive agent that reduces potassium loss and fixation, increases potassium uptake and utilization by crops, and improves soil structure. It can be combined with urea, phosphate fertilizer, potassium fertilizer, trace elements, etc. to produce high-efficiency multifunctional fertilizer. Its can use as based fertilizer, top dressing fertilizer and seed fertilizer.

2: What is Potassium humate and manufacturing process?

Potassium humate is the potassium salt of humic acid. It is manufactured by alkaline extraction of brown coal (lignite) Leonardite to be used mainly as a soil conditioner. The extraction is performed in water with the addition of potassium hydroxide (KOH), sequestering agents and hydrotropic surfactants. Heat is used to increase the solubility of humic acids and hence more potassium humate can be extracted. The resulting liquid is dried to produce the amorphous crystalline like product which can then be added as a granule to fertilizer. The potassium humate granules by way of chemical extraction lose their hydrophobic properties and are now soluble. Depending on the source material product quality varies. High quality oxidised lignite (brown coal), usually referred to as leonardite, is the best source material for extraction of large quantities of potassium humate. The less oxidised the coal the less potassium humate extracted. Sources low in ash produce the best quality. Below is the chemical characteristic:

Humic acid (dry basis): 50-70%
K2O: 6-15%
Water Solubility: 85%-100%
CAS No.: 68514-28-3
EINECS No.: 200-293-7
Remarks: we also call Potassium humate 98%, Potassium humate 95%, Potassium humate 85%, water soluble humic acid againest different grade.

3: Benefits of Potassium humate

For Soil :
Chemicals properties:

Improve soil struction and enhance the utilization of nutrient and reduce the loss of nutrient,
Improve soil fertility and fertility; Improve the buffer capacity of the soil.Repairing heavy metal pollution in soil like Pb and Cd.

Effects on soil biological properties:
Increase the microorganism of the roots,Increase soil enzyme activity

For Plant:
Stimulate plant growth
Stimulate seed germination.  .
Increase yield and improves quality of plant
Improve nutrient uptake through the leaves and roots
Increase the content of chlorophyll and photosynthetic pigments
Enhance drought and cold resistance of crops
Improve the effectiveness of pesticide

4: Application of Potassium humate

4.1: Directly use as potash fertilizer
Its can use directly to Banana tree, coffee tree, grape and passionfruit for the those require K in the grow period. Different form is require in difference growth period. Granule or ball type can use as slow release fertilizer to apply on the root of fruit. And Foliar type can spray on the leaves of fruit. For foliar application, we recommend you can choose the potassium humate with fulvic acid in it, which have the function of anti-hard water and anti-flocculation, which the normal type may block the nozzle. You can see the comparison between Potassium humate 98% and Potassium humate with fulvic.


4.2: Bulk blending fertilier
Power, flake and crystal type can mix together with Nitrogen Phosphate fertilizer directly


4.3 NPK formulation
Water soluble potassium humate act as the K source for solid or foliar fertilizer, Potssium humate, fulvic acid, seaweed extract powder/flake is the popular for formula foliar fertilizer.

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